Women’s Health: What Social Science Research Tells Us

This month’s focus on women’s health provides an opportunity to share some valuable information regarding family dynamics.  Recent research has taken a serious look at the effects of marriage and family life on women’s well-being.  Much of the research in the social sciences suggests that marriage is beneficial to women’s health.  For the women who are reading this article: Before you start laughing at that last statement please understand that these studies are based on huge amounts of data from surveys of thousands of people.  The findings are based on averages, and comparisons of married women to those who are
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The Challenge of Raising Boys

How would you describe boys, in general?  I asked several people and they described boys as hyperactive, “heathens”, accident prone, ill-behaved, and boisterous.  The typical boy craves adventure and action, longs to feel powerful, and these cravings and urges often get them in trouble.  Growing up isn’t easy for boys (or girls).  While all children face many of the same challenges to successful development, there are several problems that are gender-specific. This month’s column will highlight some issues for boys in particular, and give some helpful advice to parents of boys.  In my counseling practice, I often recommend two books
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