Recommended Videos

I often recommend my clients to watch selected videos as part of their “homework.”  Please feel free to click on the links below to take you to these videos.

Take this test! Find out your love language.

“Myers-Briggs” Type Personality Test Online:

The Man Song

It’s Not About the Nail:

Mark Gungor Tale of Two Brains:

Mark Gungor explains 4 types of people:

Mark Gungor’s #1 Key to Incredible Sex

Walk Away Wife Syndrome:


“Love and Respect” the “Crazy Cycle” –

Love and Respect in a nutshell:

Tony Robbins Ultimate Relationships:

Restoring Trust:

Coping with an Affair:

John Gottman’s Research on What Makes Marriage Work

Brene Brown

Depression is like this…

Tony Robbins TED talk

Tony Robbins On Family Healing

Tony Robbins on dealing with life disasters

“Today’s Man” – Video on Asperger Syndrome

Relaxation Videos