Wonder. A Poem.

Categories: Faith issues, Personal Growth, and Transitions / Change.

My daughter who is a high school senior recently captured her life experience and put it into a poem.  Very profound.  Here it  is…


Who will I be?  Where will I go?  I wonder.

I am in a pool all by myself.

The pool of my thoughts.  Just floating and,


I pull myself into a fetal position and

my eyes are touching my knees.

And I wonder.

Where will my legs take me?

Will I walk in the safe and shallow of the pool?

Or will I take the daring dive of faith to live

an extraordinary journey?

I raise my hands to the sky.

Looking at my fingerprints in the light.


Where will I leave my mark?

Will I touch other people’s lives?

For the good or for the bad?

I let my breathing slow down and


My heart and lungs pump to keep me alive.

For what?


Will my heart burn with love for

all things pure in this world?

Will I let my heart belong to right people?

Or will I fall into the easy trap

of letting my heart be prisoner

to dishonorable humans on this earth?


But wait…

Now I’m knowing.

Where will I go?  Who will I be?

That question is entirely up

to my creator who built my whole body.

I know.

I will do whatever my God tells me.

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